Friday, April 24, 2015

Marlena Evans-Craig-Bradford-Brady-Black-North-Black-DiMera-Black-DiMera-Black

Victor thinks Will cheating is more than a mistake.  What was it called when Victor cheated? #DAYS
Kristen thinks Melanie filled Brady's head with craziness. What else would Melanie do with all her extra craziness? #DAYS
Justin thinks he shares responsibility in the breakdown of his marriage.  What a guy!  #DAYS
Come on, Victor. I'll bet Marlena Evans-Craig-Bradford-Brady-Black-North-Black-DiMera-Black-DiMera-Black knows ALL her husbands. #DAYS

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scrumming Around Nicole

Kristen is indignant that Brady thinks she would kidnap a baby. She's EJ's sister. If the shoe fits, wear it. #DAYS
Kristen asks Brady if he's doing drugs. No... he's doing Melanie. #DAYS
Daniel, Eric and Xander would make a great rugby team... scrumming around Nicole. #DAYS
Brady: "Did I hear a doorbell?" It was Melanie.  You heard a dumbbell. #DAYS

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Get Yourself Two Gals Instead Of Just One

Double your pleasure,
Double your fun,
Get yourself two gals
Instead of just one.

Brains or Self Respect or Brains or Brains

I don't know what Theresa has less of: brains or self respect. I don't know what Melanie has less of: brains or brains. #DAYS
I knew Paige catching JJ and Eve in bed was fake but, oh God, how I wish it hadn't been. #DAYS
JJ: "Paige will never find out the truth." Translation: "Paige will find out the truth and it will be a hot mess." #DAYS
Nicole doesn't want to go bowling: "My ball would be in the gutter all the time."Maybe it could find Daniel's mind down there." #DAYS

Playing Doctor

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Bumpy Ride

Pilot (on intercom): "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride." Brady: "You're..." Pilot: "Right, Bette Davis." #DAYS
My dream: Plane forced to land in dessert. Pilot escapes. Melanie is trapped. 100 years from now archaeologists discover her body. #DAYS
Theresa warms up to Clyde. If the girl had any less self respect she'd be a dead sand flea. #DAYS
Aiden: "We're not having this conversation." Sorry, Aiden. It's Hope you're talking to. You're having the conversation. #DAYS
Brady! Kristen! Face-to-face! Brady turns to stone. Kristen turns to a pillar of salt. I turn to my barf bag. #DAYS

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Most Immoral Woman In Town

Chad pours a 100-year-old scotch. Made personally by Stefano in his basement, no doubt. #DAYS
For a minute there I thought Victor Pervy-akis had "security" cameras in Adrienne's bedroom. #DAYS
Clyde criticizes Abby for having a weakness for DiMera men. Apparently he doesn't know Kate's full history. #DAYS
Victor says Lucas' immorality means he can't run Titan. So he replaces him with the most immoral woman in town. #DAYS

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Mercy Killing

JJ to Paige: "I've been lying to you — I hate your mother." Got to be the wildest lead-in line any guy ever used to get laid. #DAYS
Jennifer says Daniel couldn't be so cruel as to destroy her.  That wouldn't be cruel. It would be a mercy killing. #DAYS
Paige loses her virginity; Lucas and Adrienne romp like minks; we sit glued to our sets... but we're not pervs... right? #DAYS
Serena: "This message was sent hours ago. Why didn't I get it?" Oh, so you have AT&T, too? #DAYS

What Did He Say?

Talk Dirty To Me


What Kate Does Best

Thursday, April 16, 2015


If you thought JJ was really going to tell Paige about him and Eve, I have a bridge I want to sell you. #DAYS
Theresa says Nicole is a psycho. Nicole says Theresa is a tattle tale bitch.  Hey, for once, they're both right. #DAYS
Melanie: "We have to think this through." Every plan has an Achilles Heel. #DAYS
Paige says she'll never let Eve break up her and JJ. Prediction: POOP → FAN → BREAKUP. #DAYS
JJ and Paige go at it like chimps with their butts on fire.  Salem's last virgin goes down in flames. #DAYS


Melanie is a stowaway. The flight leaves her breathless:

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