Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dancing With The Bores

Things improve for Ejami now that Sami wants something—This behavior is covered in the Guy Manual chapter, "Just Like A Woman." #DAYS
Places Abby gets amorous: EJ's locker room, Hospital supply room, storeroom... It sure doesn't take much atmosphere to ignite Abbs. #DAYS
Aiden and Hope continue to dance around each other: Dancing With The Bores. #DAYS
Theresa certainly has a low opinion of men.  Which is another way of saying the woman really knows how men are. #DAYS
For #DOOL veterans only: Someone should tell Ben about the "Bra Wire" trick for getting phone reception. #DAYS

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I swear, Chance and Ciara's relationship is more mature than Aiden and Hope's. #DAYS
JJ is so grateful to Aiden for getting his record expunged.  Apparently JJ hasn't gotten Aiden's bill yet. #DAYS.
So Eve never got over Paige's dad leaving? It sound to me like she was the reason he left. #DAYS
Clyde says people from Poplar Bluff say what's on their mind. They way they're portrayed on #DOOL I'm surprised they have one. #DAYS

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Repurposed Flying-Rat Waste

Sonny & Will remind us of  a side of the gay marriage issue rarely discussed. It may be a right but, unfortunately it's still marriage #DAYS
Victor seems anxious for that refill. Brady's on the wagon so Victor's drinking for two these days.
Ben chokes on the "L-word." Guys' vocal chords are genetically shaped to make it difficult to say. #DAYS
Kristin: "Call me crazy..." Bat-guano* crazy if you ask me.
*Prevuze is a family blog—I use euphemisms for re-purposed flying-rat waste #DAYS

Friday, August 22, 2014

Something To Be Proud Of

Will and EJ have nothing to say to each other. In true #DOOL form they proceed to spend most of the episode talking about it. #DAYS
The salacious magazine story has finally given Anne something to put her in a good mood. #DAYS
Roman keeps scrunching his face when he looks at Melinda like she's speaking Chinese. #DAYS
Will wanted something to be proud of.  He should have rescued a puppy in distress instead. #DAYS

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hakuna Matata

HOLD IT! STOP THE SHOW! Can someone please offer a word of prayer for poor Abigail to endure all the abuse of being EJ's shower slut?
Sonny says he didn't realize Will would sell his soul. Actually he sold his mom. #DAYS
Jennifer: "How could Will write this about Abby?" Uh, just a wild guess, but because it's the truth? #DAYS
I've been wondering why Clyde doesn't go for Kate. Guys like him can recognize a woman looser than a pair of size 54 pants on Parker. #DAYS
Kate doesn't think sleeping w/Rafe had anything to do with his breakup w/Jordan. Yeah, you know how flexible women are about cheating. #DAYS
Kate's dress is cut so low it shouts "hakuna matata," which, of course, is Latin for "get a load of my ta-tas."  #DAYS

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kristin, Nicole, Theresa, Chloe...

Mary Beth says when she asked JJ if the kid was his she was trying to be funny. Translation: She was trying to be a snotty bitch. #DAYS
Nicole says she did everything she could to help Eric; after she did everything she could to help herself and it failed. #DAYS
Kristin, Nicole, Theresa, Chloe, on and on... Forget Eric, maybe Brady's the one who should become a monk. #DAYS
Abby says Will getting the cover story is an honor. Finding out she shares that honor: not so great. #DAYS

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Daniel counts Parker's ribs.  I thought he reserved that kind of shenanigans for his female patients. #DAYS
It's a Nicole vs. Kristin showdown. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a ho-down. #DAYS
Eric must still have little bit of a priest left in him.  His hair looks like someone anointed his head with oil. #DAYS
Kristin: "I didn't destroy the man I love while pretending to be on his side." No, you destroyed him while pretending... Yes you did. #DAYS

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