Wednesday, October 22, 2014

His Willie Nelson Bong

That microphone in Eve's lamp looks like a big bass speaker. It would have made a great bugging device in the 1950s. #DAYS
Ben wonders if Clyde is giving him his Willie Nelson bong. That would make it a family heirloom, wouldn't it? #DAYS
John says his head is clear. As many times as he's been conked there's probably nothing left in there. #DAYS
Abby says, "Chad isn't like Rafe. He's a complicated guy." Translation: Unlike Rafe, Chad's IQ is above room temperature. #DAYS

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Pet Rat

Brady & Theresa had sex. Theresa: "Brady and I are back together." Brady: "That Theresa sure is a good sport." #DAYS
FBI agent: "Your mom should be home for your 30th Birthday, kid." Dang. I hate it when the actors steal my Prevuzisms. #DAYS
Kristin calls Eve's apartment "cozy." Translation: "Dilapidated. Run down. I wouldn't let my pet rat live here." #DAYS
Sami and Kate looking for that document remind me of me looking for my checkbook. #DAYS

Monday, October 20, 2014

Irma La Douce

Jennifer says she's at the hospital to get some work to take home with her. Aw, poor gal, she has to resort to doing some work. #DAYS
JJ wonders what Paige is doing there.  She's hoping to do you, buddy.  Don't worry... she'll be gentle. #DAYS
Paige comes on to JJ like she's Irma la Douce, not some gal looking for her "first." #DAYS
Eve wants Paige to follow her dream.  She did. Right into JJ's bedroom; and her dream rejected her. #DAYS

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Only Naughty If You Get Caught

Fortune cookie: "Have fun. It's only naughty if you get caught." Kate must've been caught a whole lot of times. #DAYS
Two men in black suits and sunglasses show up at the Devereaux house and confiscate JJ's guy card. #DAYS
People in Salem can date whomever they want.  As long as they clear it with Eve, Julie and Ciara first. #DAYS
Paige wants to have sex. JJ doesn't. Maybe they got their scripts mixed up. #DAYS

Thursday, October 16, 2014

His Itchy Trigger Finger

Rafe and Abe get a big break that fell right into their laps.  That's about the only way the SPD gets a big break. #DAYS
Chad: "If I could have just had a little more time with EJ..." You could have badgered him even more. #DAYS
Sami says nothing could have changed what happened to EJ.  Miguel could have controlled his itchy trigger finger. #DAYS

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creepy And Strange

Yet another difference between men and women...

EJ's Memorial

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Minor Case Of Jock Itch

Fear not, fans. For high enough ratings and enough money #DOOL writers can turn EJ's condition into a minor case of jock itch. #DAYS
It has to be said. EJ makes a much better corpse than John. #DAYS
Kate tells Chad his mother was a friend.  A.K.A. Professional colleague.  I forget... Did they have the same pimp? #DAYS
Kate says if there is one thing about EJ, he was a good dad.  Practically perfect. He only kidnapped one of his children. #DAYS

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