Thursday, July 31, 2014

Artificial Intelligence

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, see Sami and Abby in a rockin' cat-fight. #DAYS
Sami says Abby is just a notch on EJ's bedpost.  More like a smear on his shower stall wall. #DAYS
Kristin says she has AI software, meaning Artificial Intelligence — the only kind of intelligence in Salem. #DAYS
Fashion statement: Kristin says she just wants to see Brady in the flesh. Her skirt is so short we're seeing her in the flesh. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Disregard For Children

Kristin answers the phone, hears Brady's voice and is speechless. First time for everything. #DAYS
They're adding a children's wing at Salem Hospital. You mean the good people of Salem actually have that much disregard for children? #DAYS
Do people in Salem ever walk across the square without bumping into someone? #DAYS
Why is Kayla so upset about firing Abby? Anyone in town would give her a job.  I understand town patron saint is available. #DAYS

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That Medieval Hall Of Horrors

Sami wants Anne to bring her up to speed on the hospital.  The speed of that medieval hall of horrors is zero. #DAYS
When Daniel woke up I'll bet he had a big headache.  Then he looked up, saw Kristin and realized he had an even bigger one. #DAYS
EJ tells Sonny he made one stupid mistake. One he got caught at, that is. #DAYS
Eve says she has a rare blood type.  Whatever it is, I'm sure it has ice water in it. #DAYS

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Ringing Endorsement

Jennifer wants JJ to break the male code and tell her how he feels. Just talking to Jennifer breaks the male code. #DAYS
Eric gives John a blessing.  Tell me again, who is the patron saint of fireplace poker injuries? #DAYS
Jenn says her family is better off than ever? JJ sentenced to community service, Jenn dumped by Daniel and Abby the new Salem slut? #DAYS
Daniel's going to St. Louis, Kate went to Poplar Bluff. Are these product placement ads by the Missouri Department of Tourism? #DAYS
Brady says he & Nicole are still friends, "I'm in no position to be picky." Now there's a ringing endorsement for Nicole's friendship.#DAYS

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eve's Theme Song

Paige asks which blouse Eve likes.  She chooses the one where the buttons are tiny little padlocks. #DAYS
#DOOL factoid: John is only 23 years old... if you don't count the time he hasn't spent in comas. #DAYS
Victor on the show always brightens my day a little. He doesn't brighten Theresa's, though. #DAYS
If you just just can't get enough of it, The hour-long album of Eve's theme song, "Uhhh Ahhh," is available on #DAYS

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Cupcake Baking Whore

Ciara wonders why Hope's in a hurry to go on vacation. Because she's in a hurry to do something else... or someone else. #DAYS
Sami softens then freaks out again. Her emotions are a bigger roller coaster than the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. #DAYS
Rafe thinks Kate's revenge might make Stefano do to her what he tried to do to Rafe.  Rafe needs to think that one through. #DAYS
Sami calls Abby a cupcake baking whore. Caroline called her a Twinkie. You'd think EJ had sex with Little Debbie. #DAYS
EJ, be careful how hard you beg for Samantha to come back to you. She might actually do it. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Clyde says it's hard to tell if he's happier or the kids. My guess is he's a lot happier than they are now that he's around. #DAYS
Sami says she & EJ put themselves through hell. Yes—including her "de-nookie-fication stunt," which didn't help his, uh, resolve. #DAYS
Jennifer says Sami was out of line going after Abby. Because, you know, Abby's only tiny infraction was throwing herself at EJ. #DAYS
Aiden: "Don't rush into marriage. It could be the biggest mistake of your life." He's been reading the Guy Manual again. #DAYS

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